How you can help

Anyone can help support Our House and the Shelburne County Youth Health and Support Association regardless of income. Donations and financial support aren't the only way to help!

current urgent needs

  • NEW hygiene products (deoderant, body wash, tooth paste, shampoo, conditioner)

Ways to help

  • Informing us on grant or fundraising opportunities

  • Partnerships/collaboration

  • Donations (see list of always needed items below!)

  • Stocking the Little Free Pantry

  • Telling people about our programs and services

  • Social Media

Always needed

      • Food/snacks for the youth

      • Non-perishable goods

      • Tampons/pads, diva cups, sanitary items

      • toothbrushes, toothpaste

      • Soap, shampoo/conditioner

      • Cleaning supplies & dishwasher pods

      • Monetary donations

Although grants, fundraising and donations are vital to our organization... ALL types of support are needed!