Shelburne County Youth Health and Support association (SCYHSA)

Mission and Values

SCYHSA's ​mission is to provide services & support to the youth of Shelburne County. We strive to decrease marginalization, discrimination and vulnerability through advocacy and action that promotes equity. SCYHSA supports everyone regardless of ethnicity, culture, creed, skin colour, sexual orientation, gender, country of origin, family situation, socioeconomic status... etc. We are a secular organization with no religious or political affiliations.

We are a non-profit organization. Fundraising, grant seeking and donations are vital to our work. If you know of any possible opportunities for fundraising or grant funding please contact us. We are always excited to create new partnerships within the community!

Code of Ethics

To ensure that SCYHSA meets our mission and values in an equitable way; all volunteers, staff and board members are required to follow and uphold a code of ethics. A code of ethics is to ensure the safety and equity of clients/staff and the sound judgement in all actions undertaken by SCYHSA and associated organizations. SCYHSA follows the Canadian Association of Social Workers code of ethics.

Safe Workplace

Shelburne County Youth & Health Support Association is committed to a safe, healthy, and supportive workplace. We are committed to providing a work environment that values diversity and where all persons are treated with respect and dignity. It is right of all employees to work in an environment free from harassment, sexual harassment and discrimination of any form.

Our House Youth Wellness Centre

About us

Our House Youth Youth Wellness Centre is a proud part of the Shelburne County Youth and Support Association. As a SCYHSA outreach centre we hold the same mission and values.

We strive to offer all of our services/programs FREE of charge (or extremely minimal costs) to make them accessible to all families and youth. Check out our programs, services and outreach services. Those needing financial or other support to access programs are encouraged to contact us.

Our Goals

Our goal is to co-create a relaxing and inclusive space for youth to relax, socialize and access programs/services to help youth in Shelburne County thrive. We work from a harm-reduction model to meet youth where they are and support healthy choices. Our staff aspire to work with youth through culturally appropriate and trauma sensitive approaches and perspectives.

Our Funders & Partners