Sexual Violence Prevention Program

Sexual violence prevention creates safe spaces and supports youth to be the best, healthiest versions of themselves.

Did you know that the Our House Youth Wellness Centre has a sexual violence prevention program? Funded by the Department of Community Services as part of the provincial Sexual Violence Prevention Strategy, its goal is to improve the health, social, economic, and educational well being of youth. Our program is one of only three funded programs in this province of its kind. So much of the work we do at Our House is in the prevention of sexual violence.

The program provides:

  • one-on-one support

    • connecting youth with other services they need (medical, mental health, educational, employment, food bank, etc.)

    • transportation and accompaniment to appointments

    • strengths-based, relationship based supportive counselling

    • life skills and mentorship

    • supported access to gender-affirming items and inclusive sexual health education

    • support and access to safer sex supplies.

    • support for parents/guardians in navigating the sexual health of their youth including gender or sexual identity.

  • programs and education

    • sexual violence prevention related workshops and education in classrooms

    • small group programs such as voices, Girl on Fire, and A Young Man's Guide with youth in schools and on site at the centre

Melissa Strachan

Sexual Violence Prevention Youth Outreach Worker
If you have questions or want more information about this program feel free to contact her by email at