for the community

Generally created for youth ages 12-24, community based programs are designed to make services and necessities more accessible to youth and families in Shelburne County.

Wildfire Recovery Funding available

Have you been impacted by the fire? Through the United Way, Our House Youth Wellness Centre has funding available to provide some relief to those needing some support.

We view impact as a spectrum. We know that some members of our community have had devastating losses. Our hearts go out to them and this support is available to them. This support is also available to those that have been impacted in other ways.

Little Free Pantry

Our Little Free Pantry is full of non-perishable foods and is for anyone who may need to access it! The pantry is available 24/7.

We would like to thank Kelly Wolve-Enslow and the O2 program at SRHS for providing us with the pantry as well as 100 Women who care for allowing us to continue Project Food another year. 

Food Boxes

We strive to assist families in providing nutritious food. We will curate food boxes to suit your family needs. Boxes consist with both perishable and non-perishable items. These boxes are curated to provide temporary food relief for youth and families in need of support!

Please contact Amy for more info! 902-875-3337

We thank the community for all of their support! To donate simply re-stock the pantry with non-perishable food items, drop food off at the centre or Contact Us!

School Visits

To meet youth where they are, we visit youth in Secondary Schools across Shelburne County. This is usually done during lunch periods to provide support, help support clubs and provide snacks.

Schools, teachers, support staff, and administrators play a big role in a young person's life so we also do our best to help support staff, clubs and school events.

Staff can be found:

Barrington Municipal High School - Fridays during both the lunch breaks in the Music Room!

Lockeport Regional High School- Tuesdays 10:30 - 2pm in room #112

Shelburne Regional High School - Wednesdays during Lunch


What We Can Provide